Corona will make or break us

We used to consider whether we had a decent job or not. This is kind of where we were at. Corona is the new reality and we keep feeding the symptoms.

By Eva Vestrheim

“Spread love” kids write on the streets drawing hearts, because they are bored and off school. Not the worst way to spend their time.

Has this spectacle anything to do with the corona disease at all – or does corona simply reflect hidden worries and stories that can take the opportunity to see the light for the first time in decades? The topic of corona emphasises the desire for transformation versus fear of change. Consciousness and responsibility are key. It is all about maturity and perspective. Fear and trust.

We might press the reset button

Drama often obscures the real issues

The momentum can be exploited at a time when we might look to pause and press the reset button. When experiencing the same routine every day, days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, which soon become years. We need to see the hidden opportunities behind the drama, beyond the coronation. We might see this as an exciting landmark within the history of mankind when daring to consider hidden opportunities and not see hidden agendas.Needless to say, adapting to a growth mindset, embracing and trusting the potential of change, letting go of old patterns and routines encourages a healthy and smooth transformative, trustworthy corona process.

A new disruptive formula

We used to consider whether we had a decent job or not. This is kind of where we were at. Corona is the new reality and we keep feeding the symptoms. Eventually, corona prevention seems like a safe comfort zone though as we keep feeding anxiety it can grow and take over our healthy reasoning. We are at a cold war with ourselves. Not the disease. Struggle and fear take us nowhere. We need to keep up the pace. When we are uptight, we increase our powerlessness and inner panic, we lose our equilibrium, continuously being on guard, thus we are stuck on the road to nowhere.

Sex, lies and corona  

We have been so busy operating at the highest levels in Maslow’s pyramid though maybe it is about time to reconsider our primary needs, maybe it is time to take care of our basic instincts and planet Earth which seem to have been neglected in favour of advancements in technology, in our material desires and increasingly sophisticated career paths. Our true needs and instincts have become our forgotten priority. Not that we need to go into survival mode, more just being true to our nature, our planet and to care about the essentials in life.

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change

There is hope, the history of mankind shows that the human species has a proven ability to adapt to change. Corona is changing society, corona is disrupting social interaction, corona is disrupting the old concept of connection, corona is disrupting the economy – and this provides opportunities to raise the collective consciousness. You could say the new normal has become the never normal. We need to stop the hysteria and allow ourselves to have complete trust and faith in the process even in what seems like destruction on the surface. We cannot create something new and vital without letting go of the old.

When addressing the issue of change, we need to consider the willingness and ability to adapt to change, hence the intelligence to adapt to change. We may be in the beginning of a new kind of paradigm if we choose to consider it this way, though we are still at a very early stage. It is the shit of yesterday, we have to clean up.

Not knowing is the only way of knowing

Living with regrets does not foster vitality and integration. Neither does self-deception nor victim mentality. Postponement takes us nowhere, freeze and flight does not flow with constructive decisions. Not knowing is the thing we have to nurture. If we have no clue where we are heading, we are likely to be on the right track. We have to start being comfortable doing things in a way we have never done before and being comfortable trusting what we don’t yet know. This is the corona hour, it is an opportunity to reinvent ourselves, by trying, failing and learning. Most importantly trusting a higher order in the chaos. This is the new form of value creation.

All we need is love

We are forced to adapt to the pace of nature. It is becoming clear that the need for food, intimacy, touch and socializing are important for the human species. Not least healing the planet and ourselves. It ranks at an important level even though we don’t seem to give these kinds of needs much attention in our daily lives. Now we have all the time in the world to explore the virtual reality. Now we are going to have an overdose of the virtual universe, as if we didn’t have it already, longing for the real, the authentic and simple physical meetings and connections. True communication. Honest verbal, physical, spiritual and emotional communication. It is time to be in tune with ourselves and our nature. If there is any beauty left in mankind it is going to be explored during this time. The concentrate of the real will be extracted during the coronation.